Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Native Canadian Art Animals’ symbols. Grade 1,2, 3

Native Canadian Art
Animals’ symbols

Animals such as the bear, the eagle, the frog, the butterfly, the wolf, the whale, the salmon, the raven and the owl are very often represented in Native Canadian Art.
The wolf is known for its intelligence, leadership and strong sense of family values as well as for being a great team player. It symbolizes perseverance, intuition and success.
The frog symbolizes peace and rebirth. It holds knowledge and power and is known as a positive spirit driver. The frog is closely linked with femininity and womanhood. Frog designs are often seen on practically everything people use, including house objects, clothing and totem poles where the frog is often seen with its tongue out.

The Bear
Native Canadian people learn from the bear how to fish salmon and collect berries.  Some bears return to the same den for hibernation, for which reason they are associated to home. Bears spend the winter with their young until they are yearlings (one year old), so they are associated to family.  It is believed that bears understand human speech and thought. Black bears are depicted with a short snout, short ears, small tail, and sometimes hanging tongue. Grizzly bears have bigger teeth, particularly the canine teeth, and large claws.

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