Monday, 20 May 2013

Ancient Egyptian Art
Projects for grade SK to Grade 4
Print making technique
( This is a printmaking technique I have invented especially for children, so they experiment something similar to etching or to linocut, without using "dangerous" supplies.) 

wooden sharpen sticks
Styrofoam plates 
white glossy paper
drawing paper
printmaking ink
(or oil paint)
printmaking roll

Steps we took:
1. Discussing about Ancient Egyptian Art.
2. Analyzing Ancient Egyptian artworks.
4. Drawing an art composition just in line, on a piece of paper.
5. Shading all over the back of the page.
6. Cutting the styrofoam plate in a rectangle shape.
7. Placing the drawing with the shaded side on the plate.
8. Tracing the drawing in red pen. Now, because the back of the paper is all shaded in pencil, the drawing is imprinting on the styrofoam piece.
9. Drawing with the wooden stick, on the styrofoam piece, on top of the imprinted drawing.
10. Applying the ink (or oil paint) to the relief surface with a printmaking roll.
11.Transferring the image on the paper ( in the same manner used for the linocut technique)
* There is possible to obtain about 3 to 4 prints from each plate.

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