Saturday, 18 May 2013

Book Illustration Inspired by the Aboriginal Australian Art

This is a project I did with grade 6-8 at Howlett Academy Toronto.
At the end of every year their poems or stories are published in a small book. This year they wrote stories.
Their art illustrations for these stories are all inspired by the Aboriginal Australian Art. To do their illustrations, students had to write a very short summary of their stories and decide how it could be illustrated in just one painting. Right after, we discussed about Aboriginal Australian Art. We were looking at many Aboriginal artworks and we analyzed their way of painting, the colours and symbols they used.

The steps we took:
Students mixed colours to obtain different hues and tones of: yellow, ocher, brown, orange, red and green. They used black and white, as well. (the specific colours of the Aboriginal Australian Art).
1. Next, they drew on canvas just the outline of each shape, then they
2. painted the background.
3. Every shape was painted in a different colour than the background.

4. Dots were added in or around the shapes with a stick.
5. Every shape was outlined in black with a thin and pointed brush.
6. Aboriginal Australian symbols were added in black, red or brown ink with a thin and pointed brush.
7. At the end, they signed in black ink with a thin and pointed brush.
 8. I did the book cover.

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